Geared Up for Quality Care

Taking Quality Care to the Next Generation

Serving the families of North Houston since 1975, Northwest Diagnostic Clinic [NWDC) is recognized as one of the premier medical groups in the area. While NWDC is best known for providing quality internal medicine, family medicine, rheumatology, interventional spine and joint care, and general surgery services, they have enhanced their capabilities to meet the healthcare needs of families.

NWDC now offers even more specialized care, including diabetic management and medically controlled weight loss. Services include in-house certified laboratory and diagnostic imaging in support of these specializations, as well as immigration physicals to accommodate Greater Houston’s growing population.

All of this is done with the goal of providing a broad continuum of care in a streamlined, collaborative manner. Integrated services along with preventive care, fewer outside referrals, and direct collaboration among multispecialty providers, enables NWDC to offer quality care that can reduce the likelihood of redundant testing and wasted time, decrease the chance of hospitalization, and ultimately, lower costs.

The Affordable Care Act Defines Quality Care, NWDC Gears Up

NWDC has been committed to providing quality care for over 40 years, but have you considered what quality medical care means in the wake of the Affordable Care Act? The ACA has defined what quality care means for patients, especially those with chronic illness. Regulations have been established for healthcare providers to follow, along with measurements to capture and report, to ensure quality care, as defined by the ACA, is being delivered.

NWDC, always a champion of quality care, has taken swift action to comply with the ACA mandates and measurement process. Bottom line, what this means for their patients is an even higher quality of care at a potentially lower overall cost.

NWDC has taken great strides to gear up for compliance by partnering with organizations expert in accountable care. The ACA regulations call for healthcare providers to coordinate comprehensive and timely high-quality services for patients with chronic illnesses, and to provide a proactive approach to addressing preventable conditions. Along with this, quality care performance measurements have been outlined. To comply with ACA mandates and to measure and compare their quality of care results against national benchmarks, NWDC joined forces with the Accountable Care Coalition of Southeast Texas, one of the largest Medicare Shared Savings Program/Accountable Care Organizations in the nation.

More recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched the Next Generation ACO model to a limited number of experienced participant organizations. The ACCT-ACO is the only ACO participant in Texas, out of a total of 21 nationally, and NWDC is a major contributor to this program. Furthermore, NWDC has also joined Houston Regional ACO to focus on the same quality of care metrics for commercial insurance patients.

Smart Systems, Smart Growth

Staffed by some of Houston’s most skilled physicians, nurse s, and medical technicians, NWDC is actively gearing up for quality care in other ways, too. They are implementing a dedicated Patient Continuity Center to proactively manage referrals, insurance authorizations, chronic care coordination, preventative immunizations, screenings, and hospital follow-up appointments. With this extra focus on patient outreach and preventive health, NWDC is able to identify and treat potential health issues before a condition reaches the stage of hospitalization. These actions serve, once again, to lower costs by avoiding the expense of hospitalization and deteriorating health.

Going forward, NWDC will continue its quest to expand services based on patient needs. This is determined by careful research and predictive analysis to identify and correlate the diagnoses and outcomes of the practice’s more than 55,000 annual patient visits. Just as important, NWDC is equipped with state-of-the-art medical records technology that is used within the group for real time collaboration and consultation on complex cases.

NWDC Is Welcoming New Patients to Their Family of Medical Providers

Northwest Diagnostic Clinic’s respected medical team represents many years of experience in multiple fields of medicine, giving them the ability to meet a myriad of healthcare needs for patients of all ages. Most are board certified within their specialty. If you’re looking for long term quality healthcare, you owe it to yourself to call and schedule an appointment today.